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MEA Invites Foreign Envoys to Visit Kashmir

MEA Invites Foreign Envoys to Visit Kashmir

New Delhi: The Ministry of External Affairs invited foreign diplomats to visit Jammu and Kashmir for the first time since India battled the status of Jammu and Kashmir in August. Two sources have confirmed that MEA has formally invited missions of many countries to send their envoys for a visit to the new Union Territory. On August 5, the Indian government initiated the move to read Article 370 down and bifurcate the country into two Union Territories. Since that time, net and mobile communications have not been eliminated. Most of the detainees, including three former chief ministers, still remain in custody.

On Day 156, Kashmir’s Journalists Urge Authorities to Lift Internet Ban Controversially had facilitated the trip of approximately 27 Members of European Parliament in October. EU officials had pointed out that the politicos, largely from parties, had travelled in their private capacity. While India’s power to read down Article 370 hasn’t been questioned, except for Pakistan, India has faced criticism for the ongoing restrictions in Kashmir from the majority of the nations. The situation had remained volatile, although the suggestion for MEA to take foreign envoys to Kashmir had been one of the bouquet of options.

Now, the invitation to the missions does not come with a date. Sources said that missions had not given their response. The visit to Kashmir will be organised by the Indian Army. Western countries seem to have been invited to send their officials. It’s learnt that for the European missions, the EU delegation in India is coordinating the discussions on the modalities of the visit.

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