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Research says drinks may help control blood sugar, but this chemical can be dangerous

Research says drinks may help control blood sugar, but this chemical can be dangerous

You must have heard thanks to the keto diet of ketones. But do you understand precisely what this is? According to a new study at UBC Okanagan’s School of Health and Exercise Sciences, ketone supplement drinks may be beneficial for folks that are suffering from type 2 diabetes. Also known as Ketone monoester beverages, these are popular with those that are following the ketogenic-diet. Ketones are molecules that the liver produces from fatty acids when you cut down your food intake and follow carbohydrate restrictive diets.

Extreme and starvation exercise for a long duration can cause more ketones.

To put it differently, ketones are when your body burns fat to use as energy, chemicals that build up. The level of glucose goes up in your blood when there is less insulin in your body. This glucose can’t reach the cells where it’s used as energy. In response, your cells begins burning fat rather than glucose and this chemical is formed. This can be flushed out in pee.

Health risks

Ketones in the body may indicate. Symptoms of this are flushed skin, vomiting, stomach ache, a fruity breath, rapid breathing, nausea and fatigue. High levels of the chemical are toxic, and you want to seek help. Illness and glucose levels are indications of a high degree of ketone from the blood.

Elevated ketone level can be caused by starvation diet

You might have elevated levels of this chemical in your body when your blood sugar is low or normal. These are nutritional or starvation ketones. Your body uses fat for energy as stated earlier, when you reduce your carbohydrate intake drastically. This, in turn, creates this compound. This diet limits your food intake and advocates a policy that is no-carbs.

What you can do

By drinking lots of water It is possible to flush the ketones out. But it’s best to consult with a doctor. He’ll conduct the tests that are proper and lead you through the treatment procedure that is right.

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