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TikTok flaws could have enabled access to user accounts through an SMS

TikTok flaws could have enabled access to user accounts through an SMS

TikTok is among the fastest growing and programs that are popular . TikTok is offered in over 150 countries and boasts over 1 billion users. TikTok was recently plagued with security vulnerabilities which could have allowed hackers to contact user accounts.

This security flaw was discovered by Check Point Research who released a thorough study. Attackers could delete videos videos that are supersized and make hidden or private videos public on TikTok, when inside. It gave the capability to reveal information of TikTok users like their email addresses to attackers.

Check Point Research revealed that attackers could do it by taking advantage of TikTok’s SMS service. TikTok has this feature where users can send an SMS in the website to themselves to download the app. This SMS comes with a link. Hackers could send an SMS in the TikTok domain to any telephone number. These spoofed SMS messages can be sent with a malicious link which would give hackers access.

Check Point also found that TikTok’s subdomain was exposed too. Under this, attackers could abuse the help section which contains information on creating ads for TikTok.

Check Point’s investigation went on. TikTok was reported of these security vulnerabilities and have been patched in the program’s most current version. The business has not revealed how many or if any user has been affected by this hack. TikTok users are advised to upgrade the app to the newest version from App Store and Play Store.

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